Employee Spotlight: Becky Davis

"I got started when I was like, oh gosh, I think I was eighteen when I started, right out of high school when the job opportunity came up. I started out as a driver and drove for a little while and then moved into the kitchen and just stayed. I’ve been here for twenty-two years now.

I love the program, I love what it does, and I love how it helps the senior citizens stay in their homes longer. The program is very beneficial for the seniors to stay in their homes, I think. In their own homes seniors are more comfortable, because they are not put out of place, and out of their comfort zone. So if they are at home, and I can help them stay at home, then I’d do this job all day long.

We start at 5:30 in the morning, we get all the things going, all the food prep, slicing or opening boxes, we cut up fruits and vegetables. We are non-stop until about 10 am, and then we get our second batch of meals going for the Senior Center for the seniors that eat here. We serve one meal a day, but prep the first batch which is the mobile meals, the drivers pick up at 9 am – so we have to make sure the meals are hot and ready to go at 9 am. The second round is for the seniors that are still mobile. Those seniors can come and socialize and eat here at the senior center. We do this Monday through Friday with an option of the weekend, because for some seniors this is the only food option they have.

My favorite aspect of the whole job is helping the seniors stay in their homes and making sure that they get a nutritional meal – and the fact that they love seeing it come in every day. It is really hard work but it is really rewarding, because it is more than just a meal. It’s about a person and their story and we get to be a part of that." -Becky Davis, Metro Meals on Wheels employee of over 25 years

Thank you to the students at Boise State University for volunteering their time to interview and shadow our staff.